Cambodia Ladies Magazine Cover Shoot

 So this happened. Nope. This is not one of those trick photo frames where you insert your own picture. Yes, it is true, I am on the cover of the top women’s magazine in Cambodia, Ladies Magazine! Thank you #ladiesmagazine for my first cover in #cambodia #honoured to be your #April #covergirl #covershoot

It all started when I was re-connected with an old friend, Hilarion Goh @fotomastersg , who took my first photos that got me started as a model many years ago, at my #dajiejie Nora Tann’s birthday party. (And what a party it was, such positive vibe and energy, attended by many celebrities, musicians and even a few politicians.) If you have an event, and need a photographer, I would highly recommend Hilarion Goh. He took so many great pictures of so many people that afternoon, including mine…

Hilarion is wonderful in his way of capturing you in your most natural state, before you had a chance to get self conscious. And that was how masterful he was.

Anyway, long story short… according to him, the publisher of Ladies Magazine, John (another amazing man with a great story), saw my pictures and decided there and then that I would be the cover girl for April. And, that was how it all happened. I am now hoping that Hollywood would see me in Ladies Magazine, and call me to be their next leading lady. It could happen right?

I am still embarrassed about the the heading… I may have rescued a couple of turtles, puppies, birds, fish, sharks in my lifetime, but “A Modern Day Heroine” I certainly cannot claim to be. Hahaha. Thank you John, for being so very kind to me!

So that morning, we picked up one of the top Cambodian models, @piyavega and Ladies Magazine’s @samphorslovely from their hotel and off to the location we went. John didn’t know this, but I spent some of my happiest years living on the grounds of the location of our shoot, Seletar Airbase!


So, after hair and makeup by the fabulous David Limlee, the shoot started… with Hilarion crouching in various positions to capture the shots…

And just barely 2 to 3 weeks later, the magazine was out on the stands! I am thoroughly impressed by their speed and efficiency….

Truth is, I have not had the chance to hold the magazine in my hands yet… these are just some of the images that I could get my hands on… so much hard work went into making this shoot happen, and I cannot thank these people enough: Ladies Magazine, John, Samphors, stylist and makeup artist David Limlee, and, of course, Hilarion Goh, and our fortuitous meeting after many years, without whom this shoot may not have materialised…



  1. Nora Tann

    Heartiest congratulations, Debra and Hilarion. You look sensational, Deb. Thanks for mentioning your da jie jie! So glad you both reconnected at my Sexty party.

    • admin

      Dearest Nora, I am lucky to have you as my da jie jie… you have such a big heart and generous spirit, your Sexty party was fabulous as you are! Thank you for the love and years of friendship. XXX

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