When It Takes a Woman To Be A Man

I went on a date with a guy recently.

Through the course of the evening, I found out that his ex-wife had decided that she did not love him anymore and that she prefers to be with another woman. I had to hold myself back from all sorts of inappropriate jokes. Instead, I feigned sympathy. He was, after all, almost Greek god like… 6 foot 2 with muscular broad shoulders, muscular legs, arms, washboard abs, handsome good looks, does long distance runs and bike rides, and also speaks well, has his own business… He seems perfect! Why would she trade him in for a woman?

I think there is a lot one can learn from fish.

Did you know that some fish like the Kobudai can change their sex if the situation requires it? For example, if the dominant male dies, one of the females will turn into a male Kobudai to take the place of the deceased male Kobudai.

Back to my date. At the end of the evening, after a couple of drinks, it was time to call it a night… He settled the bill when I went to the loo. When I returned to our table, he handed me the receipt and said, “Your drinks cost $45. Pay me, don’t pay me, it’s fine.” He then proceeded to call for a cab for himself without offering to drop me off(I live like 2 min from his place). So I politely thanked him for the evening and walked to the bus stop across the road by myself and made my way home in my drunken state. I fell asleep almost immediately when I got home.

When I woke up the next morning, I received a text from him asking me to pay him back for my drinks. I sent him the money for my drinks immediately. I thought of his ex-wife who had decided to be with another woman. And I thought of the Kobudai fish.

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