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The Flying Inkpot Review: How I learnt To Drive (Actress / Director)

Storm Magazine: Readying The Arrows
Storm Magazine: Future Of Macritchie
The Straits Times: Causes Week: They Walk The Talk To Nurture A Green
The Urban Wire : The I-Ching Of Debra
Her World Plus: Real Women, Real Fashion: Unifem Buy-To-Save 2011
Radio Theatre: “Love Letters” by Debra Teng & John Widelock
From Identity To Mondialisation: TheatreWorks 25
Celebrity Spotting

Revealed: A Short Film From Moving Ima
The flying Inkpot: Rafta, Rafta,raft,kl.xml
SRT: Into The Woods
Hotel De Sade
Shakespeare Lives Day
Everydayman: The Ultimate Commodity
Singapore Indie Film Goes International
Alone Together
The Great Egg-Venture
Augmented Reality in Theatre
Theatre: Rafta Rafta
Dance Of A Modern Marriage
I Had To Take Off My Top
Come Fly Away With Me–2#/
Malay Mail Online: Is Yusheng without Raw Fish Yusheng?
The Truth Seekers
Things They Cook On the Kitchen Musical
Fashion Meets Art
I Don’t Give A Damn

The Flying Inkpot Review : Multi-Disciplinary Multi-Media version of Alice In Wonderless Land by Dario Fo

The Flying Inkpot Review: Modern Dance For Beginners

How Running a Social Enterprise Has Made Me More Humane
The Kitchen Musical Will be Aired On Studio 23