Our online talk show Under The Carpet: #metoo is launched!!

Big thank you to Deputy High Commissioner, Alexandra McKenzie for hosting our launch at Eden Hall, and to Executive Director of AWARE Singapore Ms Corinna Lim for being our Guest-Of-Honour.

I am so honoured to be standing next to these 2 amazing women who have done so much great work to fight gender inequality and sexual harassment. We all want a more inclusive and safer society for the future generation to grow up in. Until we can have a more inclusive society with greater equality, the fight against Sexual Harassment will continue to be an uphill task. Which is why we must all work together to make little steps towards positive change.

In whatever environment we operate in, ask ourselves, what are we doing to make that positive change? If you are a parent, are you teaching your sons and daughters that respect and consent are non-negotiable? Are you looking out for the signs when the children may be going through experiences that they do not know how to tell you about? If you are a teacher, what can you do to teach the children to respect each other, and also, where necessary, to step forward to help and protect the vulnerable. If you belong to law enforcement, what can you do to help the victims who are brave enough to come forward to you for help? How about at the workplace? Do you have policies in place to handle workplace sexual harassment? And do you continue to protect perpetrators because they may have been good at their jobs?

All 18 episodes of Under The Carpet: #metoo can be viewed from this link:

The people that helped in the making of this series are: Videolab Manila, Noel Baris, Lachlan Madsen, Ung Ruey Loon, Stella Amanda, Stefany Wang, Tan Chee Hong, Afiqa Ansari, Gani Mohd, Bob Hafiz, the staff at IMPixel, Huawei, and The British High Commission.

We would also like to thank our guests on the show: Anisha Joseph of AWARESg, Nora Samosir, Eleanor Tan, Greta Georges, and our other guests who wished to remain anonymous. #abetterworld #metoosg #sexualharassment

Thank you SPH, for the coverage on The Straits Times, the New Paper and on Shin Min Daily Newspapers! Deeply appreciate!

Thank you @theonlinecitizensg #theonlinecitizensg for this lovely article about our project to create awareness about Sexual Harassment and Assault in Singapore.

Under the Carpet: #metoo hopes to create a safe space for Singaporeans to talk about sexual assault & harassment

Thank you Five Stars And A Moon for this article:

We (badly) need statistics on unreported sexual harassment, crime and violence

Thank you IRB Law for this article:

Wish list for the Protection of Harassment Act

Thank you, Minister Shanmugam for the shout out about our talk show on your Facebook Page:

This project on Sexual Harassment which has taken a year in the making  launched on 19th November at Eden Hall.

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Under The Carpet

I am currently working on a talkshow about Sexual Harassment. Thanks to the #metoo movement, more and more women are speaking up about their experiences.

If you know anyone who is open to come on my show to talk about his/her experience, please get them to email me at

I am looking to speak with victims, social workers, lawyers, HR professionals, friend or family member of victim/”perpetrator” enforcement, “perpetrators”. This is not meant to be a witch-hunt… not about naming names. It is about promoting awareness and understanding, doing something positive for ourselves and our children.

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