1. I read an article a long long time ago about how it was impossible to find the “one”. Think about it. There is a friend you like to watch a play with. Another you like dining with. Another who likes long walks… Now realize it may not be the same person! And it may never be. The romantic in me believes in the “one” but it’s also about adapting and compromise. Ever wonder why they call it “settling”… “down”?

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      Your point re: “settling” down, V feels like making do with second best… And, perhaps, if we had to settle, you will just need to marry the one who is great in bed, and who hopefully has great genes, and then find friends to watch plays with, find others to have intellectual discussions with, others to travel with, or who make you laugh… etc… And if that were the case, maybe we might be able to take this “sharing” economy further and into the personal life, share the guy who is great in bed with your friends, and your friends could share their husbands who are very intellectual with you… and another friend who hates diving could share her husband who loves diving with another… in fact, the gender doesn’t even matter… a true sharing economy… create an app for it even! Hahaha.. Sorry I ramble… you are right. Best to have 1 person embody all of the qualities that are important to you. Thanks for the writing.

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