Under The Singapore Sea

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to dive under a friend’s boat at the #marina, and what an experience it was! From the surface, you could already see that there seem to be a healthy reef growing around the edges of the pontoons, but I wanted to to get a better view up close.

So, one Sunday morning, before people woke up, we planned for the dawn dive. Ok, it IS Singapore waters, the visibility was never going to be great, so, I brought my torch along as I am rather blind underwater, the light would certainly help. So, off the boat we jumped, and exploring the waters underneath the marina we went.

The world that waited for us #underwater did not disappoint, despite the visibility. Healthy coral formation were growing underneath the pontoons. Brilliant #colours of green, pink, reds, browns, yellows… rich textures of hard and soft #corals… worms and critters had made these corals their home.

The seabed was the most powdery cloud of soft mud. It was hard to get close to the sea floor bed without stirring it up. Perhaps the next time I had the chance to dive there again, I would investigate the sea bed. As it was, there were plenty to see underneath and around the pontoons.

#SeaFeatherStarWorm which retracts when you get too close.

Tiny little #shrimps with see-through bodies living on the #seafans.

Shy little banded #seahorse living on the pylon of the pontoon structure.

Pictures taken with my new TG4 #OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you love the sea, but do not scuba dive, and still would like to experience the world underwater, check out #RiaTan ‘s blog at www.wildsingapore.com She is an amazing woman who has been blogging and recording about our coastal life for years, and have also been conducting coastal inter-tidal walks. I have signed up for my first walk and will let you know how it goes. Her site is full of great information about news and other nature related activities, and coastal walks.

Singapore’s #Nparks is also doing a great job developing our first marine park at Sisters’ Island. I have not dove there yet, and I am excited to see it soon. they also conduct inter-tidal walks for free, although I understand that most of them are already fully booked. You can also dive there by booking with one of their authorised dive operators. Check out our first marine park here: https://www.nparks.gov.sg/gardens-parks-and-nature/parks-and-nature-reserves/sisters-islands-marine-park

Before writing this post, I thought to myself… this post may not be very interesting to most people unless you are a #scubadiver or a #marinebiologist, but then, what is the fun in reading about something you already know, right? Much more fun discovering and learning something new, especially when it has been there underneath our feet the whole time!

Have a great week ahead!

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